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You don’t need to act serious and work yourself into the ground in order to create incredible success.

In fact, we know that the most successful people are the ones who are agile, self-aware, curious and willing to grow as humans, recognizing how this will impact their company growth.

Shine+ offers executive coaching, conscious leadership development and peer community to high-achievers and teams ready to create outsized success—and have fun doing it.

We take a conscious and integrated approach to helping leaders to clarify your path, expand your capacity for change, and foster lasting personal and cultural transformation, so you can achieve your goals, enrol others in your vision, and make the impact you’re here for.

Lauren Jane Heller speaking to a group of women

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our Story

You don’t create success by grinding, sacrificing yourself and your team members’ wellbeing, and sucking the joy out of your work. 

In 2020, Lauren Jane Heller launched Shine+ Leadership to help free ambitious leaders from the beliefs and behaviours that keep them grinding and in the spin-cycle of overwhelm. While working in venture capital, LJ burned out. Like so many of the founders and leaders Shine+ works with, she was pushing hard to get everything right, prove her abilities, and make a big impact. She wanted to be recognized for her hard work and after a decade of functioning on overdrive, her body said enough

This was the beginning of a life-changing journey of personal and professional growth. She discovered conscious leadership and was blown away by this inspiring, impactful and deeply confronting approach to work. She trained as a coach and facilitator and started working with teams and leaders to introduce different ways of approaching work and life that lead to greater success, alignment, connection, focus and commitment.  

Through our own journeys, the research, and our work with professionals from Fortune 500 companies, startups, non-profits and universities, we have seen that despite the pervasive belief that the people and companies that get ahead are cut-throat, über competitive and leave their humanity at the door, the truth is  those who are generous, lead and build with heart and purpose,  and choose to get curious about how to make things work are the ones who come out on top in the long term. 


We infuse this ethos of connection, collaboration and curiosity into all of the work we do with teams and leaders with the knowledge that it will not only create a more productive and enjoyable workplace, but also greater sustainability and success.

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our ethos


We do our best work when we play full out and are willing to accept ourselves as we are. From this place, we can create remarkable transformation—in ourselves, in our businesses and in the world. 


Alignment isn’t just about having everyone working toward the same goal, it’s also being fully bought into why we’re doing what we’re doing and what the next best step is to achieve success. 


It takes 10x longer to learn from a book than from an experience. We bring play, exploration and curiosity into our leadership development and coaching, so you can integrate new information faster. 


We want you to achieve your dreams. We are huge proponents of intentional action. We work with you to identify and crank the most powerful levers for your team, your business and the world. 


Animals that play a lot quickly learn how to navigate their world and adapt to it. Play helps us to be more creative, remember more, and make better decisions, and we are so here for it!


When it comes to team success, co-creation and collaboration always lead to the best outcomes in the long run. We love working closely with our clients to inspire and ignite your teams. 

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The Shine+ Team

Lauren Jane Heller

Founder & Coach

Shannon Hall leading a snowshoeing activity

Shannon Hall

Coach & Facilitator

Agnese Gambini smiling

Agnese Gambini

Marketing & Community Manager

LJ has spent this lifetime seeking truth, contemplating belonging and social systems, and questioning the status quo. After a meandering decades-long career in communications across numerous industries, she landed in the tech and startup world where she found her calling as a guide and coach—bringing conscious leadership and her spiritual training to the hyper competitive startup and tech landscape. She has a strong penchant for working with ambitious women and immigrants and loves seeing teams create unprecedented success while having more fun. 

Shannon is passionate about community and wellness, working primarily in healthcare and engagement. Shannon has an incredible ability to connect with people, hold space and facilitate groups and deeply appreciates the opportunity to work with, learn from, and support LJ, group participants, and others who she encounters. She spends as much time as possible outside in Northern BC and the Yukon and exploring the quiet wonders of the world, waters and the land.

Aggie is passionate about sustainable development and mindfulness, and brings these passions to her work in marketing and community management at Shine+. She has a beautiful ability to connect with people and loves learning and sharing about human psychology and the best ways to run businesses. Her professional journey includes roles in AI tech startups, where she honed her skills in operations and team dynamics. Aggie enjoys exploring nature and the quiet wonders of the world.