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2022’s Most Memorable Reads

“I devoured this WWII novel, finding it a cathartic tale of humanity, love, and the strength of the human spirit while grieving for my aunt in South Africa. Isabelle Allende’s ‘The Japanese Lover’ and Haruki Murakami’s ‘Killing Commendatore’ similarly captivated me with their complex characters and rich historical narratives, while Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising’ provided an engaging, fast-paced adventure perfect for long road trips.”

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Coming Into Alignment & Integrity with One Little Word

The “No” Diet emphasizes the importance of integrity by listening to your body’s signals and aligning your actions with your deepest values. It encourages tuning into your inner wisdom to make choices that reflect your true self, despite societal pressures or the desire for approval and security.

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Go Play!

Are you waiting for permission to have fun? The belief that hard work is essential for success is outdated; the more fun you have, the more creative and successful you become, as evidenced by the playful approaches of top scientists and inventors.

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Lauren Jane Heller

Fuck Getting it Right

Ambitious individuals seek confidence and clarity, desiring that their focused efforts lead to impactful results. However, societal expectations often teach us to please others, leading to the neglect of our own needs and boundaries, which ultimately undermines our potential for true leadership and personal fulfillment.

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Do you feel supported?

Feeling emotionally and energetically supported by others allows me to explore my true self, transforming fear into anticipation and excitement. This week, I embraced a challenge to offer 50 deep conversations, revealing shared human struggles and reminding me that we are not alone in our fears and desires for security, control, and approval.

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Making Friends with Fear

Throughout my life, I’ve often taken what others might see as risky actions, driven by a thirst for adventure and thrill. Now, with hindsight, I realize that fear was always present, and by accepting and understanding her role, I’ve found greater joy and presence in my journey.

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Lauren Jane Heller speaking at a leadership retreat in Canada

How To Avoid Work

Many of us, like Josh, struggle with the belief that meaningful work can be financially rewarding, often feeling trapped in unfulfilling jobs due to societal pressures and financial obligations.

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Radical Responsibility

Radical responsibility invites us to pause and respond thoughtfully rather than react with blame, fostering clarity and constructive solutions within teams. This approach encourages us to witness our thoughts, understand our agency, and lead with integrity, transforming both our personal and professional lives.

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