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Rewire Your Demotivating Thought Patterns


Life is incredible.

AND I still have days when I wake up feeling like the sky is going to fall on my head.

I am human. (And how weird is being human?!)

My fear programming runs deep.

Yet, I am also powerful enough to see what’s true and shift out of the panic.

Five years ago, I burned out. I had been doing everything I could to prove myself and get everything right. As a result, I completely lost myself. I crashed and burned after years of trying to convince myself I was okay, I just needed to get to the next milestone, prove I could take whatever was handed to me, show the world I can do it!

It was a necessary turning point. It cracked open my reality.

It showed me that I was crippling myself by trying to be perfect.

I was abandoning myself in my quest to win approval from others.

I was caging myself by trying to control things and people over whom I had no control.

There are many things I have learned that helped me get from there—okay with life but often stressed, grinding or overwhelmed— to here—primarily in awe and confident in my ability to create my life.

Yet, the biggest breakthrough was staggeringly simple. 

I learned to accept the following three truths: 

  1. The world shows up as the world shows up
  2. My interpretation of an event is what creates an emotional reaction
  3. If I can get clear on the difference between the facts and the stories, I am free to choose how I respond rather than reacting from fear 

I learned that I didn’t have to believe my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. Most of my thoughts are stories, interpretations of the facts rather than simply factual.

It’s okay for me to have an emotional reaction to something, and I can also get clear on whether the stories I’m telling myself are true of not. 

I can feel my feelings and move on rather than getting stuck in the loop of “but it shouldn’t be XYZ” or “they should have ABC”.

If you’re thinking “yes, but in practice, I still get stuck in those head loops,” I have a tool for you. 

It’s one of the first tools I give my clients when we start working together. I want to share it with you because I know how much it helps.

It’s something you can do whenever you’re stressed, whenever you feel like something shouldn’t be the way it is, or like you have to fix a problem.

Grab this worksheet and follow the prompts. With practice, you’ll internalize the process and begin to notice how different life feels.

Rather than believing and reacting to the stories you tell yourself are true, you’ll start getting curious about what else might be just as true. And suddenly, you’ll see possibility is everywhere.

Want to rewire your demotivating thought patterns?

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If you’re ready to claim your boldest, most joyful life and career, there’s still time to apply. The registration deadline is December 15, 2022. 

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