Women journaling during a conscious leadership retreat


Conscious Leadership Retreats

Conscious Leadership is leading yourself and others from a place of awareness. 

The Shine+ Connect Conscious Leadership retreats combine the teaching and practice of powerful conscious leadership principles, with outdoor activities, and deep connection with leaders in beautiful settings in and near Montreal. 

Whether you’re new to Conscious Leadership or deep into practicing radical responsibility and leading from commitment, these retreats offer a space for you to understand your leadership style, practice hard conversations, and experience the magic outside your comfort zone.

Upcoming Retreats

CLEAR Communication

September 14-15, 2024

  • learn a powerful communication framework to change the way you work through conflict
  •  practice the tough conversations you have been avoiding
  • understand your communication style and how you can better connect with others

Energy Management

November 23-24, 2024

  • learn to manage your energy by processing emotions 
  • get clear on the activities that augment rather than deplete your energy
  • practice boundary-setting and learning to tune into a YES or NO

Bring clarity, integrity and confidence to your work and life


Learn powerful frameworks that will change the way you lead yourself and others, respond to situations, express yourself, and manage your energy. 


Practice new concepts and ways of responding to situations. Have tough conversations and get experience co-creating solutions in a supportive environment.


Connect with your full-body intelligence through movement and somatic practices that will help you to anchor in your learning and integrate new beliefs and ways of operating.