the success of your team starts with you

Transform your leadership

Team success requires alignment, powerful communication, and focus. The most effective leaders understand how to connect with, empower and nurture their teams, and how to drive outcomes. Shine+ works with tech and startup leaders and their teams to lay the foundations for success by decreasing drama, increasing connection, and bringing more fun and focus to the workplace.


We offer experiential workshops focused on motivating and shifting participants’ relationships with work. Our powerful leadership frameworks and concepts help team members to take responsibility, focus on what’s most important, and achieve outcomes without the usual drama that pervades organizations. 

Intro to Conscious Leadership

Discover the power of Conscious Leadership to foster alignment, focus and collaboration to your team through playful, thought-provoking exercises and practices. 

Eliminate Drama

What’s the greatest challenge your team faces? Chances are, it’s interpersonal issues getting in the way of focused, productive work. In this workshop, we’ll help your team to understand how they create and can eliminate drama, so you can stay focused, connected and on mission. 

CLEAR Communication

Our CLEAR Communication workshop helps transform how your team handles conflict and miscommunication. Learn and practice powerful frameworks to navigate tough conversations, understand each other’s communication styles, and enhance interpersonal connection.

Energy Management

Learn to overcome overwhelm and spinning wheels! This workshop helps participants to understand how best to manage their time and energy, so they can focus on what’s most important, have more fun at work, and bring more creativity and possibility to your team. 

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are off-the-record facilitated forums. Participants share openly and without judgment, and work through their most consequential challenges and opportunities in a structure intended to augment their leadership and accelerate business growth.

Team Values

Team values are only helpful when you live them. We help teams to identify their most aspirational values and the behaviours associated with them, so you can live them, celebrate your culture bearers and weave your values into the fabric of your organization. 

Conflict Resolution

We teach and work with powerful communication techniques in small group sessions for leaders, cofounders, and sales and CS teams, so you can resolve your issues in real time and put your new skills to work in your daily interactions. 

Strategic Planning

Alignment between leaders is crucial for team success. We work with leadership teams to develop and implement strategic plans with an eye to possibility and the actions that will truly move the needle. 


We don’t just tell you what to do, we work closely with you and your team to bring alignment, introduce new ways of collaborating, and take your company to the next level. Our expert facilitators will support you through your challenges and empower you with new skills and approaches to sustainably growing and leading your organization. 


Leadership coaching to help your team to thrive. We work with founders and executives to uncover your superpowers, create structure and focus, and take your teams and departments to the next level. We uncover blind spots, challenge insidious beliefs and patterns, and empower you with tools and practices to feel great and create outsized success on your own terms: both in work and in life.


We focus on your inner game so you can execute a powerful outer game. Nothing is off the table in these 1:1 coaching sessions—we get to the bottom of what’s blocking you so you can make the impact you’re here for. 

Team drop-in

These 30-minute coaching sessions help your team members to overcome obstacles and identify next steps. Sessions often focus on prioritization, accountability and communication. 


It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. We teach you and your team members powerful communication frameworks that help you to foster alignment, reduce drama and enrol others in your ideas.   

360° Reviews

Comprehensive feedback can promote transparency, enhance collaboration, and drive personal and professional growth. By gathering insights from all angles, we help you build cohesion, reduce misunderstandings, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.