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Entrepreneur Peer Group

Leading can be tough

As an entrepreneur or consultant you’re making decisions every day with imperfect information, often facing situations you’ve never seen before. In our experience, the best way to overcome issues is to learn from the wins and mistakes of other leaders in a supportive and intimate peer coaching group.

In Thrive, you’ll not only get to share and receive support on your greatest challenges, but you’ll also gain and practice powerful conscious leadership tools and frameworks, so you can lead yourself and your team with clarity, focus and a lot more fun.

In our biweekly facilitated sessions, group members learn new tools and share openly and without judgment, working through your most consequential challenges and opportunities. We help each other to level up our leadership, accelerate business growth, and walk away feeling clear, connected and motivated.



Practice candor, conflict resolution and active listening so you’ll be able to eliminate drama at work and at home



Understand how to manage your energy and take 100% responsibility so you can shift your levels of motivation and focus.


Get clear on your mental models and the limiting beliefs that stand between you and your most impactful self.


Understand and shift how you relate to money so you can access more, keep it longer and more easily navigate cashflow.


Shift out of overwhelm and learn how to accomplish more, enjoy yourself, and feel productive rather than overworked and stressed.


Get clear on your unique magic and reconnect with what inspires you so you and your team can thrive and make big impacts.

Group Coaching

2-hour in-person coaching sessions on alternating Wednesday afternoons 

Learning Materials

Readings, practices and exercises to take your leadership to the next level 


Regular structured calls with your learning partner for practice and support


A private Slack channel for connection, celebration and help between sessions


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