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Founder & Executive Coaching   

The success of your team starts with you. 

The world's best athletes have incredible coaches. So do the world's best leaders. 

I work with ambitious, talented, creative entrepreneurs, executives and consultants who want their leadership to be on par with their other success. 

Develop your emotional intelligence. Get equipped with a powerful leadership toolkit. Identify and overcome your blindspots, so you can move forward with greater focus and clarity. 

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LJ is a fantastic coach and amazing facilitator. Her own work experience, her intelligence, and her incredible human warmth ensure that as an individual or as part of a group you always feel appreciated, heard, and supported.”

Thomas Spiegel
Co-Founder & CEO at C WIRE

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Our Methodology


We start by identifying the blindspots that have you spinning, overwhelmed, and making strategic errors. We get to the root of your core challenges, identify what success looks like for you, and help you gain the self-awareness required to lead with clarity and focus. 

Go Deep

We¬†work¬†with your current¬†issues to¬†uncover your limiting beliefs‚ÄĒso you can make permanent change to how you operate and lead.¬†I provide you with tools and practices to¬†shift your behaviours, gain momentum, communicate more effectively, and lead powerfully.¬†

Take Action 

Action requires a plan. I¬†help¬†you create the structures and¬†goals that will keep you in action, so you can prioritize what's most impactful and aligned. You'll move¬†things forward and work in a way that feels energizing¬†and leads to the greatest success‚ÄĒfor you and your team.

“My 1:1 coaching with LJ was really transformational. She has an outstanding ability to help you re-frame a lot of your current struggles or blockers with a very creative, pragmatic yet extremely simple mental models that you can apply right away. I was initially quite skeptical of the idea of coaching, worrying that my domain and specifics are hard to relate to; however LJ's experience and domain expertise working with founders in our environment positively surprised me. She understood on a deep and personal level a lot of what I'm dealing with and balanced a very delicate line of useful advice that mixes therapy and business coaching all too well." 

Adham Badhr
Co-founder & CEO at Blloc

“Before I started working with Lauren, I was very stressed about the state of my business. I wanted to figure out a shift that I could feel good about, relieve my stress and help me stop feeling trapped. I was also scared that my investment in working with Lauren wouldn't pay off and I was being irresponsible by making it. It was so worth it. Lauren’s coaching has given me tools and a space to show up for myself. It reminds me that all the shit in my way is my shit and I can face it and be supported in that. I love how practical and actionable our time together is. It feels very productive and proactive while still focusing on the energy and emotional shifts needed to truly enact and apply the insights gained."

Zoe Currelly
Founder, Salt Spring Harvest

Your Coach


Hi, I'm LJ

I help free ambitious leaders from the beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of their business success, prosperity and joy. I've also been in your shoes. I've built my own agency, worked inside startups and in VC, and burned out from the hustle.

I've worked intimately with hundreds of founders and startup leaders through my time at a leading Canadian venture capital firm and in my executive coaching practice. My calling is to help people to see and understand themselves and the world differently. Helping you unlock your authentic leadership style is one of my superpowers. 

Leadership and career coach, Lauren Jane Heller, sits in nature, smiling

When I discovered coaching and conscious leadership, it was like finding the key to who I really am. It transformed my life completely. A new world of possibility and powerful new understanding opened up before me. 

I claimed my power and leadership having gained invaluable new tools and insights. I¬†saw how I could not only get out of my own way, but also¬†get other people¬†excited about my ideas, co-create opportunities with clients, negotiate powerfully, and resolve conflicts without all the drama. In the past few years I've¬†developed many of my own frameworks and methods¬†to¬†help others achieve deep shifts and breakthroughs. I've also refined those I've learned from¬†my teachers. These ways of¬†being have completely transformed my relationships and my work‚ÄĒand those of countless clients.¬†

Now here's the key. The most impactful way to see powerful shifts is through practice. I work with most of my clients for 6-18 months to help them to profoundly shift their way of operating, seeing themselves in relation to the world, and leading their teams. I love rolling up my sleeves and diving in with you and your team, so you can focus, face challenges with grace and ease, and eliminate the workplace drama that gets in the way of your success. 

If this sounds intriguing to you, book a discovery call and we'll see if working together is a fit. 

I look forward to meeting you!


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