Leadership Development to Transform Your Team

The world needs aligned, courageous leaders.

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, there will always be unexpected obstacles on the path. When you learn to lead yourself and others consciously, your relationships, outcomes and experience of life shifts. You get more done. You eliminate drama. You turn business and life into a work of art.

Shine+ helps entrepreneurs, startups and mission-driven organizations to lead and grow with purpose and focus. 
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Conscious Leadership for Aligned Teams

Shine+ guides leaders and teams to expand your capacity for change, connect with purpose, and bring more focus, alignment and play into your work and life—so you can make the impact you’re here for.

Group Workshops

Shift the way your team thinks, leads and works in engaging and practical leadership development sessions with our experienced leadership coaches.

Entrepreneur Peer Group

Leading can be lonely. Get deep support from your peers in our biweekly facilitated group coaching sessions. Learn powerful new ways to lead and grow your company, and overcome any challenge.

Leadership Retreats

“Slow up” to reap the rewards of mindfulness and intentional action. Our conscious leadership retreats help shift leaders from fear, scarcity and competition to creating incredible impact with fun, collaboration and alignment.

Executive Coaching

The world's best athletes have incredible coaches. So do the world's best leaders. Develop your mindset and resilience. Identify and overcome your blindspots. Move forward with greater focus and clarity and make the impact you're here for.

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Work can feel like play

Working harder doesn’t create better results. We work with leaders ready to unleash their potential and creativity—because we know what it’s like to feel stuck in the grind. Our mission is to help you get intentional and bring curiosity, collaboration and accountability to your team, so you can focus, create outsized impacts and feel connected to what it’s all for. 

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Ideas, tools, and inspiration to transform how you operate.

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