Connected Leadership Program

Your journey to clarity, success and leadership—in alignment with who you really are

Are you ready to level up your life and leadership?

  • You're a female leader, executive or entrepreneur and you're ready to step into your next level of personal and professional growth
  • You've done some leadership and personal development work and it's time for something deeper, something life changing
  • You're excited to be part of a community of women leaders ready to do the deep inner work that creates meaningful transformation—for you, for your community, and for the world
  • You desire more inner peace and freedom, and to expand your experience of how beautiful life can really get 
  • You're ready to live an INTENTIONAL, CONNECTED and ALIGNED life

If this resonates, we invite you to apply to join Heart  

Transform yourself and your life in a next-level coaching program for women leaders who are ready to step powerfully into a new paradigm of leadership and success
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The Heart Leadership Program is a six-month conscious leadership experience that will help you get clear on who you really are, how you want to show up in the world, and what's possible when you let go of your perceived limits and align your energy toward living your greatest potential. This program inspires massive shifts in our participants because we jump into the deep end with our first retreat, build our strength through practice, learning and mutual support, and then put ourselves to the test in an extraordinary adventure to cap it all off.

Our Program Structure

  • A 3-day kickoff retreat in the Thousand Islands, Canada in late May/early June (dates TBC based on the group's availability)
  • A community of dynamic peers on the journey who will push you, inspire you, and encourage you to grow
  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with LJ to remove obstacles, get support and stay in action
  • Powerful virtual biweekly group coaching sessions
  • A week-long all-inclusive graduation retreat in Colombia in November 2024 that will test your limits, deepen your breakthroughs and show you just how powerful you are
Shine+ Heart participants in Costa Rica

“This program was key in getting me out of my comfort zone and actually asking for help to achieve huge changes.”


“The more time goes on, the more ways I realize how the Heart program has impacted and shifted me—with many shifts still ongoing. Our times together were absolutely highlights of my year. ”


“I feel better everyday, prioritizing my family and my values—and having bigger impacts at work than ever before.”


You can expect

  • To be messy, vulnerable and brave with a group of like-minded women as you embrace your successes to create a joyful life and career that is aligned with your values and talents
  • To release your blocks, limiting beliefs, and the deep emotions that have held you back, so you can live and lead with more inner peace and creativity
  • To build deep, meaningful relationships with the other women in the group, feel supported and seen, and step forward in life with powerful allies
  • To dance at the edge of your comfort zone as you take on the adventure of a lifetime—from serene waters to deep jungle and beyond

With Heart you will...

Get clear on who you really are beneath your social programming—and what you're here to do and create

Gain tools, insights, and the confidence to overcome any obstacle and navigate life with clarity and grace

Unearth and upgrade your limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and survival mechanisms so you can fully claim your power

Deepen your ability to connect with, learn from and inspire others: your team, your loved ones, and your greater community

Tap into your greatest strengths: the abilities and passion that stoke your inner fire and keep you connected to your purpose

Test your limits in life-changing retreats with your new sisterhood—and discover what you're really capable of 

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“Through the support of the incredible women in this program, we have all grown deeper into ourselves and gained insights and skills that enable us to help those we work and live with to grow and thrive too.”

Shannon H.

“I loved having the space to be human.
The group's feedback and support for each other was amazing, especially as we all got better at it with LJ's teachings and guidance.”

Beth T.

Your Coach

Hi! I'm LJ. I became an executive leadership coach to help ambitious women to live and lead from conviction, joy and abundance rather than fear, scarcity and "how other people did it".

Like so many other women, I was successful in my career, but I struggled with perfectionism, impostor syndrome and time scarcity. I couldn't fully enjoy my success because I was too busy thinking about what was next or what others thought. Through my burnout and coaching journey, I was reminded that the magic is already in me, and I can create a life in alignment with my values and priorities—and be successful beyond my wildest dreams. Now I coach women like me to unearth and overcome of the beliefs and behaviours that keep us grinding, and shift to living joyful, aligned, connected lives and create ripple effects in our communities, and the world. 

The Heart Leadership Program is a deep, mindful plunge into personal growth, aligned leadership and soul connection.

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A connected leadership coaching program for women leaders

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Learn, shine, and grow as an empowered female leader. 

This leadership development program is tax deductible as a professional program, and for many of our participants is paid for or subsidized by their work. Reach out if you'd like help proposing this to your manager or co-founder. 

Our approach to transformational coaching

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