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Clarity is a 12-week leadership program for women who want to lead the team, get the promotion, or start the new business—and feel joyful while doing it. 

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Do any of these statements resonate with you?


  • You have a successful career but it still feels like something’s missing
  • You want to be a persuasive leader who can navigate tough conversations with conviction
  • You want to leave the overwhelming grind behind, and feel clear and confident instead
  • You struggle to communicate or execute your great ideas
  • You wish you had a mentor to guide and nurture you along your personal and professional journey 


If yes, the Clarity program is for you!

I often wonder what my life would have been like had I not burned out.


Would I have just kept grinding and overworking?

Would I have continued to “climb” in my career, making more money, taking on more responsibility, but ultimately never feeling like I or it was enough?

Would I have kept waiting for someone else to notice how hard I was working and give me the opportunities I wanted rather than simply claiming them for myself?

For a while, probably. But I would have burned out eventually… it was the direction I was headed in. Unless I had discovered conscious leadership sooner.

I now know you don’t have to burn out to make the big changes.

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to rise and thrive in your career and life.

I’ve had clients and friends who didn’t feel great and asked for help. Rather than hustling in their careers until they hit a wall, they saw how much I’ve changed and said “Can I have some of that?”

I taught them everything I know, everything I learned after I began to pull myself out of good girl people-pleaser mode. 

The confidence I gained—which enabled me to grow as a leader and create success on my own terms—was as much a result of powerful mindset shifts as learning new skills. I offer you both through this program.

There’s nothing like seeing someone unleash herself in her true glory. I can't wait to see what Clarity brings you! 

Elevate your career and step forward with skills that empower you in every corner of your life. 

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“Since I started working with LJ, I have gained so much courage and confidence. I got a promotion, started a training program and truly see myself as a leader.”

Sophie Crepeau
Member Experience Consultant


The Clarity Toolkit:

Communicate clearly
Express yourself with confidence and create a deep, memorable impact on any audience.
Get to "yes"
Co-create solutions with your colleagues, clients and stakeholders that achieve your desired outcomes and demonstrate your leadership.
Unlock your confidence
Coax out the confident woman within, then channel that power to go after what you really want.
Challenge your stories
Dig deep and start clearing away the self-defeating beliefs that stand between you and your dream life.
Find your purpose
Get clear on your calling and innate talents, and learn to trust your inner compass as you navigate life’s ups and downs.
Make space for play
Unlock a more creative you by bringing lightness, fun, and play into your work and personal life.

How Does it Work?

Expert guidance

Your coach, Lauren Jane Heller, shares powerful lessons and practices to help you grow in your career and life. She's been there too and teaches with empathy and from hard-won experience. 

Weekly video lessons

New lessons and practices are released weekly, plus you'll be able to ask questions and grow community inside the program platform and on live calls every month.

Supportive Community 

You'll be granted access to the Shift Membership Community, a supportive space through which you'll get answers to your questions and meet other high-achieving women.



We've worked with leaders and teams from

“Lauren’s insight and guidance has helped me to be intentional and figure out how to tell my story—not only to my clients but also to myself.”

Tereska Gesing
Co-founder, Closet Core Fabrics

“I was really stuck before the program and it played such an integral part in me shifting. I'm continuing to practice and feel the effects of the things I've learned, with many meaningful breakthroughs.”

Lily Hecht-Leavitt
Head of Brand, Rootine

Are you ready to be your most confident, powerful self?

Hell, yes!

The Program

What you get:

  1. 6 teaching and practice modules—available to you forever, so you can refer back to them and benefit from ongoing leadership development through every season of your life

  2. Practical tools and practices to put into action immediately—and which will enable you to discover blocks and the opportunities you can't yet see

  3. Access to the Shift Community—where you can ask questions and get supported by a group of like-minded women who can relate to your journey and want you to succeed
I'm in for $850
I'm in for $300 over 3 months
I want VIP access for $2000

I love how practical and actionable this program is while still focusing on the energy and emotional shifts needed to truly apply the insights gained.

Zoe Currelly
Founder, Saltspring Harvest

LJ helped me get clear on who I am and why, and how I can live in integrity with myself. You think you know yourself, but there's so much more to learn.

Beth Thouin
Growth Advisor, Beth Thouin Consulting


Your Coach


Hi, I'm LJ

I help free ambitious women from the beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of their career growth, prosperity and joy.

For many years, I was spinning my wheels. I was waiting for someone else to tell me I was on the right track, to give me the gig, to offer me the promotion. Rather than trusting myself and choosing to believe in my own ideas, I did everything I could to jump through the hoops set out before me.

And I didn’t even know I was doing it.

Like so many others, I held myself hostage to other people’s beliefs about success, about what I could or should or shouldn’t do — about what was supposedly possible. I believed that I needed to do things “right”, that I needed to prove myself and then I’d be able to create the things and do the work that excited me. 

This belief kept me from knowing how it feels to be truly aligned and operating from passion, joy and commitment. Sure, I achieved a lot and there were moments of joy and satisfaction but more often, I felt stuck. 

That all changed when I began to see how I was creating this limited and problem-filled reality for myself — and how to get out of that loop. 

I learned how to get clear, set boundaries, trust my gut and get curious about people and situations rather than making them right or wrong. I began to shift away from being overwhelmed and frustrated and frantically overachieving into infinite possibility and creativity. I founded a business that hit multiple six-figures in the first year — a business that has brought more fun, joy and success into hundreds of people’s lives, including my own. 

This is what I want to share with you. 

Clarity brings you the lessons, practices, tools and community that have enabled me and so many others to become better, happier, stronger leaders, friends, colleagues, partners and parents — and to create success on our own terms. 

I want to help you to be the clearest, most influential and aligned version of yourself. Are you ready? I am so excited to guide you on this journey!

With love, 


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