Conscious Leadership 

1-Day Retreats

May 4 | June 1 | June 29 | July 27

Join us for learning, connection and practice in beautiful places in and around Montreal

Conscious Leadership is leading yourself, organization, and others from a place of awareness. 

The Shine+ Connect 1-day Conscious Leadership retreats combine the teaching and practice of powerful conscious leadership principles, with outdoor activities, and deep connection with other leaders from Montreal. 

Whether you're new to Conscious Leadership or deep into practicing radical responsibility and leading from commitment, these retreats offer a space for you to understand your leadership style, practice the hard conversations, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Our Leadership Topics

Join one or many of the Connect Retreats to learn and practice powerful new ways to lead yourself and others. Capacity is limited to 12 participants. All retreats will take place in Montreal or within a 2-hour drive. 

May 4, 2024



  • learn to lead yourself and others with integrity and clarity
  • understand your limiting beliefs and the patterns that keep you stuck
  • step into 100% responsibility and create your life powerfully
June 1, 2024



  • work to resolve issues present in your life through playful facilitated practice
  • understand your go-to roles in the drama triangle and how to get out of them
  • get clear on how you show up and how you want to be 
June 29, 2024



  • learn a powerful communication framework to change the way you work through conflict
  •  practice the tough conversations you have been avoiding
  • understand your communication style and how you can better connect with others
July 27, 2024



  • learn to manage your energy by processing emotions 
  • get clear on the activities that augment rather than deplete your energy
  • practice boundary-setting and learning to tune into a YES or NO
Go deep!

Connect Retreat Bundle

  • Join all of our retreats at a discounted rate
  • Get complimentary 4-month access to the Shine+ Shift resource library and community calls
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LJ is a fantastic coach and amazing facilitator. Her own work experience, her intelligence, and her incredible human warmth ensure that as an individual or as part of a group you always feel appreciated, heard, and supported.”

Thomas Spiegel
Co-Founder & CEO at C WIRE

We've worked with leaders and teams from

Bring clarity, integrity and confidence in your work and life


In the Connect Retreats you will:


Learn powerful frameworks that will change the way you lead yourself and others, respond to situations, express yourself, and manage your energy. 


Practice new concepts and ways of responding to situations. Have tough conversations and get experience co-creating solutions in a supportive environment.


Connect with your full-body intelligence through movement and somatic practices that will help you to anchor in your learning and integrate new beliefs and ways of operating. 

Our Structure

Women sit together at a retreat for leadership and career coaching in Montreal
  • 10 am arrival & welcome
  • Facilitated group session & practice
  • Group lunch preparation and connection  
  • Outdoor activity and contemplation in nature
  • 4 pm departure 
  • Optional overnight stay: dinner, integration and connection time, breakfast + final session
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Pricing Tiers

We like to make our offerings available to everyone who feels called to this work. Please select the tier that feels most available to you. Pricing is per retreat. We also offer scholarships. Please reach out directly if you would like to learn more. 

Tier 1


 I can pay full price/ my work will cover my costs

Tier 2


I'm a startup founder or entrepreneur/ I have little expendable income

Tier 3


It's a stretch but I really want to be there

Overnight stay


Stay overnight for dinner, additional integration and connection time, breakfast, plus a final group session before 10am departure (not available in May)

Connect Bundle


Join all 4 retreats at a discounted rate and get complimentary 4-month access to the Shine+ Shift resource library and community calls

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“I love how practical and actionable our time together is. I have felt freer and more alive since working with Lauren. She is a queen.

Zoe Currelly
Founder, Saltspring Harvest

LJ helped me get clear on who I am and why, and how I can live in integrity with myself. You think you know yourself, but there's so much more to learn.

Beth Thouin
Growth Advisor, Beth Thouin Consulting

Your Coach


Hi, I'm LJ

I help free ambitious leaders from the beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of their career growth, prosperity and joy.

When I discovered coaching and conscious leadership, I knew this was my calling. It transformed my life completely—while I had been trying everything I could to prove myself and gain recognition in my career, suddenly a world of possibility and powerful new understanding opened up before me. 

I claimed my power and leadership having gained invaluable new tools and insights. I saw how I could not only get out of my own way, but also get other people excited about my ideas, co-create opportunities with clients, negotiate powerfully, and resolve conflicts without all the drama.

Leadership and career coach, Lauren Jane Heller, sits in nature, smiling

In the past few years I've developed my own communication framework (CLEAR Communication). I've also refined those I've learned from others. These ways of leading and relating have completely transformed my relationships—and those of countless clients. 

Now here's the key. The most impactful way to see powerful shifts in your life? It's practice. Whether you're new to these concepts or want to hone your skills, you'll not only learn powerful new ways of leading and communicating, but also have the opportunity to practice them in a supportive community. You'll also have opportunities to ask questions that come up after the retreat in future Community Q&As, plus you'll meet other leaders from the Shine+ community with whom you can keep practicing!

I want to help you to get clear, lead powerfully, and connect authentically with the people in your life, so you can love your relationships and your work, and create a life that feels connected and purpose-driven. I know from experience that anyone can become a powerful leader through practice and with the right tools. Nobody is born with these skills—it simply takes noticing, commitment, and the willingness to practice what you learn. 

I created this retreat at the request of a client and I'm beyond excited to bring this new group of leaders together.

I can't wait to see the magic we weave together! 

Reach out if you have any questions. 

With love, 


Looking for a powerful group leadership experience?

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We respectfully acknowledge that our work in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal takes place on the unceded Indigenous lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka/Mohawk Nation. Kanien’kehá:ka is known as a gathering place for many First Nations, and we recognize the Kanien’kehá:ka as custodians of the lands and waters on which we gather today.