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Leading a company can be lonely...

As an entrepreneur you’re making tough decisions every day with imperfect information, often facing situations you’ve never seen before.

In my experience, the best way to overcome these challenges is to learn from the wins and mistakes of other leaders in a supportive and intimate peer coaching group.

In Thrive, you’ll not only get to share and receive support on your greatest challenges, but you’ll also gain and practice powerful conscious leadership tools and frameworks, so you can lead yourself and your team with clarity, focus and a lot more fun.

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In our biweekly facilitated sessions, group members will learn new tools and share openly and without judgment, working through your most consequential challenges and opportunities in a structure intended to augment your leadership, accelerate your business growth, and help you feel clear, connected and motivated.
A group of women sit together at a leadership retreat in Montreal Quebec Canada
Women talk at a Career and life coaching retreat  in Montreal Canada

Our Structure

  • Group coaching sessions on alternating Wednesdays from 3-5 pm 
  • Resources & readings to elevate your leadership
  • A learning partner for ongoing practice and connection
  • A private Slack community for support and connection between sessions
  • Optional 1:1 coaching with LJ
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Our Themes:


Practice candor, conflict resolution and active listening so you’ll be able to eliminate drama at work and at home


Understand how to manage your energy and take 100% responsibility so you can shift your levels of motivation and focus.


Get clear on your mental models and the limiting beliefs that stand between you and your most impactful self.


Understand and shift how you relate to money so you can access more, keep it longer and more easily navigate cashflow.


Shift out of overwhelm and learn how to accomplish more, enjoy yourself, and feel productive rather than overworked and stressed.


Get clear on your unique magic and reconnect with what inspires you so you and your team can thrive and make big impacts.

"LJ is a terrific group facilitator who effortlessly creates a welcoming atmosphere. She navigates group discussions with a balanced approach, ensuring every voice is heard while keeping conversations focused and aligned with the objectives. Her skillful facilitation promotes engaging and productive interactions, enriching the group's overall experience."
Kunal Chauhan
Co-founder at ShapeBy

“Lauren’s insight and guidance has helped me to be intentional and figure out how to tell my story—not only to my clients but also to myself.”

Tereska Gesing
Co-founder, Closet Core Fabrics

“LJ has an ability to truly create a safe space, where even the most hesitant of people feel comfortable. Her unique understanding of the challenges of founders and the ecosystem just allows her to provide outsized value.”

Jakob Knutzen
CEO & Co-founder, Butter

Woman on a computer explores a leadership and career coaching program in Montreal

"The most successful leaders grow as humans as they grow their businesses."

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Your Facilitator


Hi, I'm LJ

I help free ambitious leaders from the beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of their career growth, prosperity and joy.

For many years, I was spinning my wheels. I was waiting for someone else to tell me I was on the right track, to give me the gig, to offer me the promotion. Rather than trusting myself and choosing to believe in my own ideas, I did everything I could to jump through the hoops set out before me.

And I didn’t even know I was doing it.

Executive Leadership Coach, Lauren Jane Heller, sits in nature, smiling.

Like so many others, I held myself hostage to other people’s beliefs about success, about what I could or should or shouldn’t do—about what was supposedly possible. I believed that I needed to do things “right”, that I needed to prove myself and then I’d be able to create the things and do the work that excited me. 

This belief kept me from knowing how it feels to be truly aligned and operating from passion, joy and commitment. Sure, I achieved a lot and there were moments of joy and satisfaction but more often, I felt stuck. 

That all changed when I began to see how I was creating this limited and problem-filled reality for myself—and how to get out of that loop. 

I learned how to get clear, set boundaries, trust my gut and get curious about people and situations rather than making them right or wrong. I began to shift away from being overwhelmed and frustrated and frantically overachieving into infinite possibility and creativity. I founded a business that hit multiple six-figures in the first year—a business that has brought more fun, joy and success into hundreds of people’s lives, including my own. 

This is what I want to share with you. 

Thrive brings you the lessons, practices, tools and community that have enabled me and so many others to become better, happier, stronger leaders, friends, colleagues, partners and parents—and to create success on our own terms. 

I want to help you to be the clearest, most influential and aligned version of yourself. Are you ready? I am so excited to guide you on this journey!

With love,